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Your #1 Scanning Service
Akoss Picture Scanning and Hosting Services
  • Wouldn't that photo of your new puppy be great for your desktop background?

  • What if you could email that photo of your new baby to family and friends?

  • Wouldn't you love to unload those used "treasures" on ebay or yahoo?

We scan your photo, 35mm slide or negative then provide digital images by email, on CD, DVD, or even host your images, allowing you to share them electronically. From 25c per image.

Our services allow you to easily list your eBay items or share pictures with your friends and family.

Auction Picture Hosting
Managed Image Hosting at an affordable price - with redundancy!

Our managed image hosting allows you to add your images to your auctions with ease and not worry that your auctions have little red X's where your images should be. We have servers in two different geographical locations and remote DNS that help to serve your images 24/7.

In addition to this, we offer self-hosting plans for eBay sellers who need web space, a dedicated email account, stats and more. Ebay Self Hosting Plans start at just $2.95!

Quality Web Hosting
Quality Web Hosting at an affordable price Our web hosting packages enables both first-time web site owners and experts alike to put their business or hobby online at a fraction of the cost of other service providers. We make e-commerce easy for everyone and back it up with a level of support that WE expect!!
Akoss Web Design
Akoss Discount Web Design Do you want a personal or business website? Don't have the background or time to build a website yourself?

We provide a comprehensive web design service capable of designing the ideal page, created just for you. We build pages that load FAST and are not network intensive. We boast a clean look to our pages and have had pleasing reports from all viewers about our content and appearance.
The Rochester Webcam
Is it snowing in Rochester? Check the *LIVE* image Live images updated every 30 seconds from Rochester, NY. This camera is a Intel Camera connected to a 166 IBM PC. Running Ispy for capture. It's kinda dull right now, but We hope to move it to a busier street soon.
Picture Gallery
Get a feel for English towns and countryside Get a feel for English towns and countryside with our pictures taken in the South West of the England, Wales and a batch taken in London on a cold dull day.
Baby Gallery
Its a girl!!! Checkout the latest family pictures from the akoss home. Patience Rose was born on February 26 2001 and weighed in at 7Lbs 9.2Oz she is 20" long.... for a while!

Or Visit Her Brother's New Page Here

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